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About Us
Taian Hande Electrical Co.,Ltd. is a high technology professional manufacturer.  we are good at the research of common rail test equipments, and collection the test data of common rail , and controlling system of common rail. We have cooperated with many university research institutions.
we produce the common rail test equipment according to BOSCH standard, our high quality products have been adopted by many companies in the world.
Our main productions are common rail test bench and common rail system test bench and common rail pump test bench and common rail injector test bench and common rail system controller, diesel fuel injection pump test bench, CUMMINS PT pump and injector test bench, nozzle tester, standard injectors for test bench, computer workstation for test bench , digital controller for test bench ,VP37 tester , RED4 tester ,VP44 tester ,EUI/EUP tester ,HEUI tester, TOYOTA tester, common rail tools, common rail injector tools, EUP/EUI/HEUI tools, traditional mechanical pump tools and many spares parts of test bench.

We have one separate trade company: TAIAN SANWEI TRADING CO., LTD, which is owned by our factory. This company selling and distributing original BOSCH, DELPHI, SIEMENS and DENSO  common rail control valve, common rail nozzle ,common rail injector repair kits, common rail injector shims, fuel injection pump plunger, fuel injector nozzle , pencil nozzle , fuel delivery valve and head rotor of VE pump.

We know that it is the quality and the service which decide our position in the world market. We will spare no effect to meet the request of our customers and provide you the best products with best service and best price.Common Rail Injector Repair Kits suppliers