Úplná verze: Kniha Loveless
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Moc pěkná je kniha Loveless. Je o dívce, která na vysoké zjišťuje, že ji nepřitahuje žádné pohlaví. Nakonec zjistí, že je aromantická asexuálka. Kniha je částečně autobiografická, takže jsou tam skvěle popsány pocity hlavní postavy. Se spoustou jejích myšlenek jsem se ztotožnila. 
Knihu napsala Alice Oseman, autorka Srdcerváčů. Vážně doporučuji si ji přečíst ?

Pár citátů z knihy... 

Since the events of prom, I’d given some solid thought as to whether I might actually be a lesbian, like Pip. It would make sense. Maybe my lack of interest in boys was because I was, in fact, interested in girls.
That’d be a fairly sensible solution to my situation.

Maybe I was bi or pan, since I didn’t even seem to have a preference at this point.

Clubbing. College marriage. Sex. Romance.
I knew all this stuff was optional.
But I wanted to have a completely normal university experience, just like everyone else.

. I started to notice just how many of the songs were about romance or sex. How had I never noticed that before? Like, almost all songs ever written are about romance or sex. And it felt like they were taunting me.

But I wasn’t attracted to any of them.
I didn’t feel any sort of desire.
When I tried to picture standing close to them, kissing them, touching them … I grimaced. Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting.
I decided to change tactics and look at the girls instead. Girls are all pretty, to be honest. And they have much more variety in appearance.

Out of hundreds of students, I couldn’t find anybody I thought was hot.

‘Type of guy,’ said Rooney, mouth full.
‘Oh.’ I shrugged and speared a piece of pasta. ‘I don’t really know.’ ‘Come on. You must have some idea. Like, what sort of guys do you find yourself liking?’ None of them, is what I probably should have said. I never like anyone.
‘No type in particular,’ is what I actually said.
‘Tall? Nerdy? Sporty? Musicians? Tattoos? Long hair? Boys who look like pirates?’ ‘I don’t know.

Well, if the spark’s not there, the spark’s not there.’ ‘No, I mean, we get along really well. Like, I love him as a person.’ ‘Yeah, but is the spark there?’ How was I supposed to know that? What the fuck was the spark? What did the spark even feel like?

So I don’t look at men, or women, or anyone, and think, wow, I want to do sexy stuff with them.’ This made me snort. ‘Does anyone actually think stuff like that?’

I mean, that wasn’t me. Asexual. Aromantic.
I still wanted to have sex with someone, eventually. Once I found someone I actually liked. Just because I’d never liked anyone didn’t mean I never would … did it?
And I wanted to fall in love. I really, really did.

I was angry at fate for dealing me these cards