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numero dos po X letech
Ahem, no, jak jen zacit... :D

Bude mi lepsi to psat v anglictine, takze si to kdyztak prelozte pls (nemam cestinu rada a hlavne ji pouzivam pouze v praci a s rodinou).

Welp, I used to be active around here like... 7 years ago? Basically, right after finding out I was on the ace spectrum (and thought I was bicurious asexual but nah, mate), then I kinda disappeared because I just stopped caring about relationships and my sexuality? Then when I was 20 (so 3 years ago), I met my ex-fiance who, unsurprisingly, was VERY toxic, sexist, racist, homophobic, and transphobic, as well as insanely controlling. He knew I was demi and polyamorous so his way to deal with my poly heart was to just cut me off from e v e r y o n e in my life and demand my attention 24/7, throwing insane tantrums whenever I wanted to talk with anyone but him. But yeah, he was a Taurus as well sooooo, yeah, he still stalks me online to this day. :)

But enough about my traumas, my point is that I am now content with my sexuality, homoflexible gray-romantic demisexual (still closeted though because, you know, homophobic family), despite it being all over the place and literally no one knows what it actually means so I just keep it to myself and say I am bi aroace (or gay aroace because I have a strong femininity preference) when someone asks because then they usually just fuck off because "lol what happened to straight, bi, gay? why do you have to be so complicated?" (yes, I was told exactly this multiple times). 

Anyways, I want to meet more people that would be willing to become friends with me (yeah, still no friends, still no social skills because of how isolated I was forced to be) so HI! I am Ellie and I play a lot of video games on PC and on Nintendo Switch! I cannot wait to, hopefully, meet you all and I hope we can talk and chill, maybe play something (I will happily teach you any game I play!!!), watch Netflix, or go on some road trips (I have a car and I LOVE driving). 

If you would like to know anything more about me, hit me up!

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