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4 layer PCB made in China
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4 layer PCB made in China
Electronic CE&RoHS 3mil Trace/width Spacing Wires Circle Multi-layer sy 94v0 printed circuit board PCB
1.Founded in 2003, Noeya Technology Ltd. is a professional LED single layer pcb assembly manufacturer, supplier and vendor in Shenzhen. High-quality Prototype pcba, pcba samples or mass pcba products are all available in our factory with your gerber file and bomlist. Welcome to our company.
Noeya, a professional single sided pcb assembly manufacturer, covers an area of 10,000 square meters and enjoys a beautiful environment and convenient transportation.
With professional management talents and more than 500 experienced employees (among whom 30% are engineers and technicians). Most of our products are export to foreign markets, such as America, the European countries (Britain, France, Poland, Italy, etc.), the Mid East, the South America......
2. Overviews of the Wire Circle Electronic Control PCB
Item:Wire Circle Electronic Control PCB
Material:Aluminum / FR-4 / CEM-1 / CEM-3 / High frequency Board
Board Thickness:1mm-5mm
Copper Weight:0.5OZ-2OZ
Solder mask:White / Green / Customized
Silkscreen:Black / White / Customized
Surface Finishing:HASL lead free / ENIG / OSP / Customized
Min. Hole Size:0.2mm
Min. Line Spacing:0.075mm
Min. Trace Width:0.1mm
Certificate:TS16949:2002, UL
Flaming Rate:Ru 94v0
Details of PCB & PCBA
Technical requirement for pcb&pcb assembly:
---Professional Surface-mounting and Through-hole soldering Technology
---Various sizes like 1206,0805,0603 components SMT technology
---ICT(In Circuit Test),FCT(Functional Circuit Test) technology.
---PCB Assembly With UL,CE,FCC,Rohs Approval
---Nitrogen gas reflow soldering technology for SMT.
---High Standard SMT&Solder Assembly Line
---High density interconnected board placement technology capacity.
Quote requirement for pcb&pcb assembly:
---Gerber file and Bom list
---Clear pictures of pcba or pcba sample for us
---Test method for PCBA
3.Noeya Single layer PCB Assembly Capability
FR4 / FR1 / CEM-3 / CEM-1 / Aluminum / Rigid-Flex PCB/
Laminate materialsArlon / High-TG/ Rogers / Teflon / Taconic
HASL (vertical & Horizontal), Lead Free HASL,
HASL+Gold Finger,
Surface FinishENIG, ENEPIG,
Immersion Tin(ISn) ,Immersion Silver(IAg),
Carbon Ink,
Hard Gold(Flash Gold), Soft Gold
Min. Thickness for inner layers0.020"-0.125"0.003”(0.07mm)
Board layers1-24 Layers1-24 Layers
Board Thickness0.1mm-3mm0.1mm-7mm
Copper weight0.5 oz – 6 oz0.5 oz – 8 oz
Minimum Trace Width / Spacing0.003"/0.003"0.003"/0.003"
Solder Mask ColorGreen,Blue,Black,Red,Yellow,White, and customized
Drill deviation0.004"±0.002” (0.05mm)
PTH hole tolerance0.004"±0.002” (0.005mm)
NPTH hole tolerance0.008"±0.002” (0.005mm)
Min hole size0.004"0.008” (0.02mm)
E-testFlying Probe Tester/Test-Jig/X-ray/ICT/AOI/FCT
Controlled Tolerance±3%±3%
Silkscreen ColorWhite, Black, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue and customized
Min solder mask clearance size0.0080.003” (0.07mm)
Min silkscreen clearance size0.010"0.006” (0.15mm)
IPC ClassClass 2Class 3
Blind ViasYESYES
Buried ViasYESYES
Aspect Ratio8/115/1
Carbon InkYESYES
Peelable MaskYESYES
Solder SampleYESYES
First ArticleYESYES
Certificate:UL / SGS / ROH / ISO / TS16949 / ISO14001:2004
Acceptable file formatGERBER file, PROTEL 99/PADS / POWER PCB / AutoCAD
4.Our strict Quality Cotrol System
1)Our factory & equipment
2)Main Raw Materials Suppliers
3)International Certificates:
4)Control Proces
Vacuum packing for inner side:
Carton packing for outer side:
6. Shipping & Payment:
Samples via DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT/EMS with short delivery time 2-4 working days.
Mass Products will be delivered with 20 working days at a reasonable shipping cost.
7. FAQ
1.Q:Can you do custom products?
  R:Yes,we can customize as required.
2.Q:What should we provide?
  R:You suppose to send us your drawings/specification/sample, and tell us
  your detail requirements.
3.Q:Do you have any Certificates?
  R:We can customize the product to meet your needed certification.
4.Q:What's the MOQ?
5.Q:What's the price?
  R:The price depends on your customized requirements, so please tell us what you want, competitive price will be provided.
6.Q:How long is the production?
  R: 2-3days for samples and within 20 days for mass products.
8. Contact us
Shenzhen Noeya Technology Ltd.
Salesman: Shirley Guo
Skype: sales06_561
Tel: 0755-2955-3751/+8617673390006                                         
Any questions, Please feel free to let us know!
                      Your satisfaction is always our Pursuits.4 layer PCB made in China
07. 12. 2018, 02:50:58
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