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Polypropylene Foam Rolls
▲ Our History
HZ CYG TEFA CO.,LTD was established in May, 2016, a subsidiary company of CYG Group (stock Code, 600525). In the meantime, we combine the manufacture and trade together, engaged in producing and supplying LDPE foam and foam products.
▲ Our Factory
Our company locates in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. Total investment is 10 million dollars. The factory covers 18,000 sqm and the annual turnover reaches 8.8 million dollars last year. There are 8 production lines here. The annual output of PE foam reaches 3000 tons.
We are backed by our own R&D team, focusing on PE foam production and development. Providing the best quality and service always is our culture. We are the leading manufacturer for XPE, IXPE foam, ESD foam for more than 15 years. All of our products can be used for thermal insulation, waterproof, shockproof, etc.
▲ Our Product
The regular products include chemical cross-linked polyethylene foam and irradiated cross-linked polyethylene foam, which are widely used in automotive, building and construction, Sports & Leisure and so on. Polyethylene foam products are durable, reusable and eco friendly.
▲ Product Application
Automotive interior, Construction, Tape, Packaging, Sports &leisure, Medical, Air conditioning.
▲ Production Equipment
▲ Our Service
1.HUZHOU CYG TEFA offers the best solution for polyethylene foam production based on its rich experience in the developing, manufacturing PE foam. All the service focuses on quality of products and customer satisfaction.
2.Further procedure/ process support:
Die cutting or slit, lamination, adhesive, sheeting, perforating & skiving, trim edge, press polish.
3.We have a various kinds of items in stock, and have abilities to supply your order.
4.Serve manufacture and engineer foam for all aspects of the sports and leisure industries. We supply raw materials and corporate our customer to finish products.
5.We can cut custom sizes of polyethylene foam for any project you may have as well as offering a professional appearance for cases and packages.Polypropylene Foam Rolls

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